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This is a walkthrough of inventorying breakers and calibrating sensors in GJX and HDDC units utilizing 

firmware version r1.7.

 Procedure Walkthrough

Firmware Version r1.7

To Inventory Breakers:

1. Turn on all breakers that need to be inventoried

2. From the normal operation screen, press the “Menu” button

3. The screen will now display “Auto Circuit Breaker Inventory”

4. Press “Enter”

5. It will then display “Caution”

6. Finally it will display “Auto Circuit Breaker Inventory Complete. Press enter to save, Press clear to abort”

7. Press “Enter”.

Calibration Menu:

1. Press and hold “Menu” + “Enter” simultaneously to enter the calibration menu.

2. From here you can make adjustments to the voltage and current sensing.

3. To make fine current adjustments: This should be done after the panel is running load and at its 

expected operating temperature.

a. Press menu to scroll through the calibration options until you reach “A Current Gain”. Do not use A current offset.

b. The current being read will be displayed. Adjust it up or down using the Menu and Scroll buttons. 

It may take several button presses before the number changes. The current reading may also be rapidly 

cycling up and down by an amp, just press the “Menu” or “Scroll” button until it is stable. 

c. When the current reading is adjusted properly press enter.

d. Then use menu to scroll to the “Save and Exit” option in the calibration menu.

e. Then press enter as prompted to save the changes.

4. To adjust the voltage display.

a. Enter the calibration menu

b. Select “Adjust A Volts” or  gain

c. Adjust the voltage using the “Menu” and “Scroll” buttons

d.  Press “Enter”, then select “Save and Exit” and press “Enter” as prompted to save the changes.

There are options to adjust B current and B volts as well. These only apply to duel input models (HDDC only).

The rest of the options in the calibration menu are for calibration at the factory. 

If the above calibration options are not successful, contact Comm/net Support for further investigation and solutions.

Comm/net Systems Inc. Support


(206) 282-8670

or submit a support ticket through this portal.