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This is a walkthrough for inventorying circuit breakers on an HDX Compact DC Power Distribution Center.

Procedure Walkthrough

1. Once the circuit breaker you wish to inventory is installed, lift the front cover of the panel

2. The circuit board on the inside of the door has a series of dip switches that are used to inventory breakers.

3. Each switch is labeled with a silk screen on the board indicating which channel the switch will inventory.

4. There is an arrow labeled "IN". To inventory a breaker press the dip switch so that side facing the "IN" arrow is depressed.  In the image below A1 and A2 (switch 1 and 2) are inventoried breakers. A3 and A4 (switch 3 and 4) are not in inventory. 

This completes the breaker inventory process. 

If you are having trouble with this walkthrough, please contact Comm/net Systems Support.

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