Purpose and Applicable Part/Model Numbers


This only applies to 740-090-10 r03 .

This is a walkthrough for the TPL Fuse Panel Board pin out via green terminal block. 


Procedure Walkthrough


The Next page gives a diagram for the wiring of TPL fuse panel board. Since the pin out is not printed on the customer facing side.

Pin 1 is the bottom pin. So if you are looking at the panel the pin out is as follows.

6. +48V (Return)

5. Alarm C (Alarm Common)

4. Alarm (NC or NO depending on what was selected using JP1 on the right)

3. BUS2 (Connection for Bus 2 GMT indication Fuse)

2. BUS1 (Connection for Bus 1 GMT indication Fuse)

1. -48V (Hot)

If BUS1 and BUS2 are wired incorrectly you may notice that alarm indication and fuses are tripping in opposite directions. For example a fault with Main Fuse 2 trips indicator fuse 1. 

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