Purpose and Applicability

This article applies to HDDC, GJX, and RPR units that are reading 0A, and meet the following criteria

1. Have never read current. 

2. Have a load on the panel.

If all these conditions are met then there may be an issue with the shunt polarity. 

This issue can be fixed without interruption of power routing.

Applicable Part/Model Numbers


Procedure Walkthrough

1. Locate the shunt jumpers on the back of the unit door (Jumpers may be in the opposite configuration in your panel). Shown in the figure below:

2. Turn off the controller using the switch on the back of the door.

3. Now remove all the shunt jumpers. See the figure below:

4. Lastly re-install the jumpers in the optimist position of when they stated. See Figure below:

5. Now turn the controller back on with the switch. Once the controller boots up check if the panel is reading 


6. If the panel is still not reading current, contact Comm/net Systems Support.

If you are having trouble with this troubleshooting document, please contact Comm/net Systems Support.

Comm/net Systems Inc. Support


(206) 282-8670

or submit a support ticket through this portal.