Purpose and Applicable Part/Model Numbers

This document is a walkthrough of the procedure to set the ampacity of a BCM unit.

  • 016-1060-10 Basic Control Module
  • 016-1090-10 Basic Control Module GJ Controller

Procedure Walkthrough

1. To set the fuse ampacity for the module you must use the two pots at the rear of the device, shown below (SW1 and SW2). If the BCM is already installed remove the two screws on the front of the device. 

2. There are 10 numbered locations on the pots that cosponsored roughly to the positions for 100A-1200A. 

3. Plug the BCM back into its socket, once it completes the power up cycle it should display an ampacity of fuse. If it is incorrect tweak SW1 and SW2 until the display reads correctly. 

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