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 Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-1740-10
  • 016-1741-10
  • 016-1742-10
  • 016-1743-10
  • 016-1748-10
  • 016-1749-10
  • 016-1750-10
  • 016-1751-10

 Product Description


The PSI is a compact point-of-load power system providing up to 60A of DC power. Using integrated rectification and DC distribution, the PSI serves as a small in-rack DC plant for sites without DC infrastructure, or where use of existing DC infrastructure is impractical.

The PSI is available in several configurations depending on site needs. The AC input connections are provided via IEC C20 connectors. The DC outputs are available in traditional two hole lug landing/terminal block or connectorized terminations. The DC output circuit protection is available in GMT Fuse, AM Breaker, or TPC fuse configurations.

Rectification is provided by (2) 1RU high power density rectifier modules that provide high efficiency and low cost per watt. The system accepts 120V* or 240V AC input power. The rectifiers can be arranged in a dual input configuration whereby one rectifier feeds the A outputs and one rectifier the B outputs. Alternatively, it can be configured in a bulk bus output with n+1 redundant modules. 

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