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Operation and Installation Guide

 Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-1660-10 HDN 300 Single Input (BDFB Version)
  • 016-1661-10 HDN 300 Single Input
  • 016-1662-10 HDN 300 A/B Isolated Input
  • 016-1720-10 HDN 600 Single Input (BDFB Version)
  • 016-1721-10 HDN 600 Single Input
  • 016-1722-10 HDN 600 A/B Isolated Input

 Product Description


The Comm/net Systems HDN is an advanced breaker panel that provides robust, high density DC power distribution for rack mount servers and broadband applications such as VOD, CMTS and VOIP.

The HDN is available in single- and dual-input (A/B redundant) versions, and can be used as standalone distribution in equipment racks or can be integrated into Comm/net Systems’ BDFBs. Rated at 600 amps per bus in only 3RU, the HDN provides circuit breaker protection for up to 22 circuits (11A/11B in redundant configuration).

The bright LED back-light changes color under warning and alarm conditions, allowing the operator to quickly see the status of the panel from a distance. A standard dry-contact summary alarm output is also provided.

The optional Ethernet module allows the panel to be remotely monitored over a network. Status data is available via web (HTTP), SNMP, and email notifications. 

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