Create a HelpDesk Ticket


Visit the Comm/net Systems Support Portal and click “New Support Ticket

On the next page, populate the support ticket form with this information:

· Requester Name (who is requesting action from Comm/net Systems)

· Subject (what is the nature of the issue you require action on)

· Product Type

· Product Family

· Model Number

· Reason for Contact

· Action Taken (what actions have you taken so far to address the issue)

· Customer (who is the end user of the equipment)

· Customer Site (where is the product installed)

· Serial Number

· Incoming Tracking Number (if a product is being returned)

· Description of Issue

Item in red are required to create a ticket

Click Submit

You've completed your HelpDesk ticket. A Comm/net Systems support professional will be in contact with you shortly.

If you are still having trouble creating a ticket, please contact Comm/net Systems Support.

Comm/net Systems Inc. Support

(206) 282-8670

or submit a support ticket through this portal.