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Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-551-10 H2 Zero, Main Unit
  • 016-552-10 H2 Zero, Remote Hydrogen/Temperature Sensor
  • 016-553-10 H2 Zero, Control Module


Product Description


CSI introduces an innovative “drop-in” solution for NFPA fire code compliance for venting and hydrogen detection for Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery rooms in Communications facilities. The H2 Zero unit provides hydrogen sensing, temperature sensing (multiple sensor locations available—up to 4) and -48VDC powered fan air movement for air exchange of battery rooms. 

The unit can be configured to either exhaust or source airflow with either a hydrogen or temperature threshold temperature trigger or via programmable timer to provide code compliant venting. Alarm contacts provide hydrogen detection and/or over temperature alarm for remote XOC monitoring interface. Ethernet port provides remote IP based webserver for status and alarms, SNMP output provided for enterprise network monitoring options. Wall mount control panel includes LCD alphanumeric display with operational status, alarms, detection data etc. Control panel supports up to four remote hydrogen/temperature sensors for either multiple sensors in one battery room or for multiple room sensor locations. Input provided for fire suppression system release interlock to hold the motorized damper closed. Remote sensors connected via standard CAT5 cable jumpers. Dual redundant -48VDC fused inputs to allow reliable input power from dual DC powerplants and/ or distribution feeders. User replaceable fan modules. N+1 fan configuration provides 1,500CFM redundant, 2,000CFM non-redundant.

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