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Installation and Operation Guide 


Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-1454-10 -48VDC A/B isolated input/output GMT fuse panel


Product Description


CSI's GMT series complies with telecom requirements while significantly exceeding the specifications of competitive products. The CSI 150 series GMT fuse panel product family consists of single-input, dual-input, and redundant, diode-routed versions of the same product chassis configuration.


The input bus bars are configured for two-hole compression lug attachment and support two lug center-to-center bolt spacings (3/4” and 1.0”). Lugs for cables sizes up to 350 kcmil can be attached to the bus bar terminations.


The bus rating is 150A per each input. This allows up to 150A input current for each A and B bus to be distributed through up to 16 GMT output fuse channels per bus. GMT fuses are available in many ratings starting with ¼ ampere up to 20A rating.

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