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Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-103-10 KTK Fuse Panel A/B Isolated Input


Product Description


  • 4A/4B fuses (up to 30 amperes per fuse)  
  • High power density: 19”/23” rack mount (1RU high)  
  • High ampacity: 120 amperes per A/B input  
  • Two-hole lug bus bars for input and return terminations: supports up to #2AWG cable feeders, dual-hole spacings for several lug mounting configurations 
  • Bright, color-coded LED indicators for A/B input power status, 
  • A/B fuse failure alarms 
  • Form C alarm contacts for A/B input power fail, A/B fuse fail (4 relays) 
  • Set-screw terminal block array for KTK fused outputs and returns 
  • 4 quantity GMT alarm indicating fuses per A/B input (GMT fuse in parallel with each KTK fuse for KTK fuse fail alarm detection) 

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