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This article details steps for troubleshooting an EDGEpower 8125 panel that is not reading current during 

initial power up. This article does not apply to a panel that was reading current and has stopped during service.

Troubleshooting Steps 

Applies to: firmware 034-037-34 r03 (Menu structure is slightly different for firmware versions 034-037-34 r01 and r02)

Before proceeding, please find the revision number of the panel and its serial number. This is located on the back side of the panels door. 

Step 1: Ensure breaker inventory has been taken. 

Step 2: Using an Amp Clamp, verify there truly is a load on the any of the output circuits.

Step 3: Next go to the raw counts menu (Main Menu -> Settings-> Settings(page 2) -> Advanced -> Test Modes -> RAW). Take a photo or video of this screen to record all the values. The channels labeled A1-A4, and B1-B4 are the raw outputs from the current sensors. Check with the Firmware Engineering Staff for  appropriate values from the current sensors based on the SN of the panel. 

Step 4: Clear the EEPROM. (Main Menu -> Settings -> Settings(page 2) -> Advanced -> Memory -> EEPROM). From this menu you can clear the EEPROM, once this is done the panel will go into touch calibration. Complete the touch calibration. 

Step 5: Perform a ground zero offset and breaker inventory. 

Step 6: If the panel in now reading current but the value is not within 1A . Calibrate the panel. If the panel is not reading any current still, complete step 3 again and consult engineering staff to determine if the panel needs to be replaced or the ECM needs to be replaced, or some other solution. 

Attached to this article is a diagram of the UI menus for the ECM firmware r03 to help with navigation.

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