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This walkthrough will help you to upgrade the firmware in an Alpha CXCM4..


Procedure Walkthrough

Where to download Updates:


A user account is required to download firmware.

What is needed?

Latest Boot loader, and Latest software version.

Will there be any interruptions to DC plant operation during the upgrade? 

No. There may be false alarms during the restart so site monitoring personnel should be warned ahead of time. The rectifiers will continue to run at the last specified float voltage when the controller is taken off line. So there should be no power interruption.

If  an LVD is installed Alpha recommends placing the LVD into bypass mode. However CSI plants almost never have LVD's installed.  

Will configuration settings be lost during the upgrade? 

During a normal upgrade the configuration should be preserved. However it still should be backed up in case something goes wrong. This is also useful in case the controller ever needs to be replaced. 

To do this enter the controllers web interface. Then go to "Log and Files" ->Manage Configuration

From this menu the config file can be downloaded to a computer. It can be re-uploaded from the same menu. 

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