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Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-900-10 SiteRanger SR1 Contact Input-SNMP Output
  • 016-905-10 SiteRanger SR2 ACM (AC Power Module)
  • 016-910-10 SiteRanger SR2 DCM (DC Power Module)
  • 016-915-10 SiteRanger SR2 EVM (Environmental Module)
  • 016-920-10 SiteRanger SR2 GSM (Generator Status Module)
  • 016-1100-10 SiteRanger SR2 Generator Fuel Status Module (GFSM) Install Kit
  • 016-1105-10 SiteRanger SR2 Ground Network System Monitor (GNSM) Install Kit
  • 016-1110-10 SiteRanger SR2 General Monitor Module (GM8) Install Kit


Product Description


The SiteRanger product family provides an innovative, targeted monitoring overlay feature for  power quality monitoring of enterprise network operation centers by local headend technicians. An “a la carte” approach allows the installation of specific monitoring modules as they’re needed for existing site retrofits and for expanding facility device upgrades and additions. 

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