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Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-959-10 RPR Cabinet Single A/B Bulk feed 1,800A input bus
  • 016-958-10 RPR Cabinet Dual A/B 900A input busses
  • 016-955-10 RPR Cabinet Triple A/B 600A input busses
  • 016-950-10 RPR Cabinet 150A A/B -48VDC input, C-bus redundant diode routed power module
  • 016-951-10 RPR Cabinet 300A A/B -48VDC input, C-bus redundant diode routed power module


Product Description


High power density and ampacity: Single, Dual or Triple input bus configurations support multiple input DC feed options to allow implementation in both existing sites as well as new installations. Single A/B input 1800A bus for bulk power, Dual 900A A/B input bus option and Triple 600A A/B input bus option for remote TPL fuse or circuit breaker feed from DC plants. 

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