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Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-352-10 19/23” Rack Mount Shelf Assembly
  • 016-325-10 Redundant A/B Input Routing Option For Rack Mount Shelf
  • 016-350-10 DC-DC Converter Module 20A DC converter module
  • 016-326-10 DC-DC Converter Module 10A DC converter module
  • 016-351-10 Distribution Module Option 1
  • 016-323-10 Distribution Module Option 2
  • 016-324-10 Distribution Module Option 3


Product Description


  • ƒƒA/B isolated bus bar inputs
  • ƒƒ60 ampere input ampacity rating (-48VDC input)
  • ƒƒInternal fan cooling in each DC converter module
  • front intake with rear panel exhaust air flow
  • ƒƒShelf output maximum 100 amperes at +24VDC
  • ƒƒAlarms and indicators: two Form C relay contacts for remote alarms (minor/major alarms)
  • ƒƒLED front panel indicators: input, output, and fault

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