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Applicable Part Numbers


  • 016-353-10 7' high x 23" wide optical rack
  • 016-083-10 19” rack rail reducer kit
  • 016-086-10 Front kick plate 120V duplex convenience outlet
  • 016-087-10 Rear kick plate 120V duplex convenience outlet
  • 016-084-10 Vertical Lacing Bar Kit
  • 016-090-10 Rack Coupler Kit
  • 016-085-10 Rack Coupler Kit with Fiber Management Spool
  • 016-091-10 Upper Horizontal Fiber Management Trough
  • 016-092-10 Custom Logo Horizontal Fiber Management Trough
  • 016-093-10 Extra Fiber Management Clip Sets
  • 016-094-10 Rack Anchor Kit


Product Description


Optional front or back kick-panel AC duplex convenience outlet plates with outlets and  duplex box pre-installed for reduced electrical install project costs.

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